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Experience as Fund Managers

Whether you are an ultra-affluent investor looking for a wealth manager to protect and grow your legacy, or an institutional firm seeking a strategic partner to assist in portfolio growth, you want a partner who not only aligns with your goals but who also has a well-rounded experience set to understand multiple dynamics within and viewpoints of the markets.

Paragon Capital Management President & CIO Craig Novorr has nearly two decades of experience offering unparalleled white-glove service to his clients at Paragon Capital Management, LLC, but he didn’t cut his teeth in wealth management. Hand-picked to join the firm after a decade of success as a VP and dual fund manager at UMB, it was Craig’s experience running the UMB Scout and Technology Growth Funds that provided him with a level of multi-dimensional expertise that isn’t found in many wealth managers.

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That experience as a fund manager provided the insights and networks that can only be gained through direct institutional experience. It provided him a familiarity with making significantly larger investments than most wealth managers, a sharp eye for an accounting of every dollar, and an understanding of the risk inherent in different investments and how to mitigate those risks. Perhaps most importantly, it developed the personal networks that allow him to leverage the largest investment banks in the world to custom-build securities for his clients.

Above all, his decade managing two highly successful funds at a large firm also made Craig realize that he missed the interpersonal relationships that come from direct client interaction. When the man who mentored him as a college intern during his first years in finance set out to start Paragon Capital Management, LLC, Craig’s desire to work directly with clients and his innate entrepreneurial drive made his mentor’s offer to join him one that he couldn’t refuse.

Several of his long-term clients from UMB followed Craig to Paragon, and it was only a matter of time until a succession plan put Craig in charge of Paragon when his mentor, Howard Jacobson, retired. This move brought all of Craig’s experience and passions into one place - his love of managing teams, his institutional fund management experience and relationships allowing him to service his ultra-affluent clients, and of course his passion for providing his clients with the best opportunities that the market has to offer.

When selecting a partner to protect and grow your legacy or institutional portfolio, you want someone with a wide set of experience in various aspects of the market and a proven history of success at their trade. Three decades of proven experience on both the fund manager and wealth management sides of the financial house have delivered both for Paragon Capital Management, LLC and Craig Novorr.

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