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Quarterly market insights from Craig Novorr and Paragon Capital Management, LLC

The market is dynamic and always changing. Craig’s musings on the market include his forecasts and how Paragon is making changes based on the economic environment, leveraging his over two decades of experience as an institutional investment manager.

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Quarterly market insights

Newsletter - July 2023

Climbing the Wall of Worry

It’s summertime, what better analogy to use than roller coasters and theme parks. Why a roller coaster? A roller coaster goes up, goes down, gets a little bumpy and has lots of twists and turns. Sound familiar, sounds like the stock market.

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Newsletter - April 2023

The Law of Unintended Consequences

The biggest theme in 2022 was the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. We have now seen nine interest rate hikes. The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to combat inflation by slowing down the economy. While most people thought the biggest risk of this policy would be the potential for a recession, we found out that there was another consequence to the drastic increase in interest rates.

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Newsletter - January 2023

2022 Year End Review

2022 was a year many investors would like to forget. A lot of things happened in 2022 and we would like to reflect on the year that we just completed.

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Newsletter - October 2022

Tough 2022 for Investors

Paragon would like to begin with a message to all clients, friends and family in Florida affected by Hurricane Ian. Please know we are thinking of you and are here to help however we can. The safety and well-being of all of you is far more important than our thoughts on the markets!

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