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The market is dynamic and always changing. Craig’s musings on the market include his forecasts and how Paragon is making changes based on the economic environment, leveraging his over two decades of experience as an institutional investment manager.

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Newsletter - January 2022

Why Yields Matter

We wrote multiple times throughout 2021 about the issues the markets have been facing, ranging from new variants of COVID to supply chain and labor issues. In past newsletters we have detailed these and many more issues and encourage you to go to our website, www.paragoncap.com, and reread our thoughts on all the issues that continue to concern the markets in 2022.
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Newsletter - October 2021

Market Themes

All nine of the major themes outlined in our mid-year review remain major factors for the markets going forward. Some new themes have popped up over the last quarter we will discuss in this newsletter.
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Newsletter- July 2021

Midyear Update

Now we are at the midpoint of the year, and the S&P 500 increased over 8% over the last three months to be up over 15% for the year. Legislation is bogged down in Washington as both parties fight over terms of bills. President Biden originally proposed an infrastructure bill with a price tag exceeding $2.25 trillion dollars. It was quickly negotiated down to about $1.2 trillion dollars. Even at the lower amount there is not enough support to get it passed and negotiations will continue for many more months. Tax hikes seem to have died down as well as there are not currently enough votes to get anything passed.
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Newsletter - April 2021

Thank You!

In this quarter’s newsletter we want to demonstrate how we take what is happening in the world and adjust how we manage money. The world, the economy, the markets are all constantly changing - shouldn’t your portfolio as well?
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