Nily Levy

Nily Levy

Wealth Advisor - California

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Nily’s Professional Journey

Nily is a Wealth Manager with over 40 years of Industry experience. Nily works with wealthy individuals to help them identify investment needs and makes recommendations to help them protect their assets and grow their wealth.

Nily joined Paragon in 2021 and lives in San Francisco, CA where she works with many of our clients and continues to manage relationships she established while in Houston, Texas. Previously Nily spent 25 years working for Charles Schwab. She had 15 years, as a Vice President and Financial Consultant in Houston, Texas, and 10 years, in the Fixed Income Department as a Vice President – Regional Bond Specialist in San Francisco and Phoenix, making fixed income recommendations to high-net-worth individuals and conducting fixed income workshops nationally.

Nily graduated from Golden Gate University in San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science and a major in Finance.

Nily is from Israel and a lifetime member of Hadassah.

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