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Quarterly market insights from Craig Novorr and Paragon Capital Management, LLC

The market is dynamic and always changing. Craig’s musings on the market include his forecasts and how Paragon is making changes based on the economic environment, leveraging his over two decades of experience as an institutional investment manager.

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Quarterly market insights

Newsletter - July 2022

The Bear is out of Hibernation

The first half of 2022 has been historic for investors in many ways. In the newsletter this quarter, we will break down the first half of the year and help to understand how that affects different asset classes.

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Newsletter - April 2022

Interest Rates Rising

The April newsletter is quickly becoming the most interesting newsletter each year to write. In April 2020 we had just begun a worldwide lockdown due to COVID and there were so many uncertainties. Many around the world were fearful of the economic impact of the pandemic, not to mention the toll on human lives.

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Newsletter - January 2022

Why Yields Matter

We wrote multiple times throughout 2021 about the issues the markets have been facing, ranging from new variants of COVID to supply chain and labor issues. In past newsletters we have detailed these and many more issues and encourage you to go to our website,, and reread our thoughts on all the issues that continue to concern the markets in 2022.

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Newsletter - October 2021

Market Themes

All nine of the major themes outlined in our mid-year review remain major factors for the markets going forward. Some new themes have popped up over the last quarter we will discuss in this newsletter.

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